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E-learning In Everyday Life

E-learning is becoming the most used mean of education. It has already been applied in many schools, mainly in higher institutions. Thus, according to many researchers, it is not merely easy, but it has become advantageous in regarding to traditional reading. This conclusion comes from comparing its advantages and disadvantages, which results with greater benefits than drawbacks. In this article I will elaborate the effect of e-learning in our daily routines.

E-learning Sarajevo


My benefits from E-learning

As an individual of unlimited desire to enrich my mind with knowledge in my field of studies and other that interest me, I will share with you how e-learning became a ‘must’ to me.

Very recently I have become a Bachelor in English Language and Literature. Thus, the last couple of years I have been studying, working and doing my best to follow courses that interest me or that are necessary for success in my future job. Only these three daily duties filled my agenda full, that I had no time for sleeping, social life, hangouts or trips. When I came to this difficulty, and things seemed as they were going out of control, I heard about E-learning.


What was its part in my daily routine?

I am a teacher. The last year of my studies, I worked from 10 am then I ran to university for lectures during the day, then I ran back to work for classes I had in the evening. It was impossible for me to separate some time for other interests. One day, I saw an advertisement on facebook about a course that interested me a long time and it was held online. I joined the course and I had classes three times a week at 7 am. I must say, not only that I enjoyed it but that is when I understood I am a morning person. I enjoyed waking up early, when it is calm and everyone sleeps, having a morning coffee while taking notes during the course. It gave me energy and I was more prepared for the daily events.


How does it affect today?

As I mentioned earlier, I have completed my Bachelor studies. At the moment, I am working for my future plans of occupation and family. It is the most inappropriate time for me to go abroad and continue my MA studies. Therefore, on this point, e-learning gets a big plus from me. Many universities apply e-learning. Of course, they also have the interest to make use of their services from people all around the world. Nevertheless, my interest is much greater. Actually, I am looking only for universities who offer that mean of education. Thus, I have the chance to choose which university suits me best, I will not worry where and with whom I will live or how much it will cost; on the other hand, I will continue working at my job.


Other feedback about E-learning

In this paragraph I am going to sum up some feedback told by other individuals:

  • It is less time consuming. One can organize his daily agenda perfectly without feeling any stress about his studies.
  • It does not cost much. One learns from his/her home or office. You don’t have to think about monthly costs such as rent, food, transport, books etc.
  • People from all around the world can contact and cooperate. They can bring out the main aim of education and do the best to spread it all around the work. There is cooperation from different communities, creating interpersonal relations.


Use the ease we are offered today.

Till next post,

Best wishes.