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Webinar Learning Experience

During the last two decades there has been a massive development on the usage of technology for online learning. One of the most advanced and used aspects of online learning today are webinar trainings. A webinar is an online meeting with people all around the world and it is mostly used to conduct seminars, presentations and conferences.

Webinars have become the most popular means of trainings all around the world.


What happens in a webinar?

Firstly, the person or the group who want to share a seminar, a presentation or a conference uses a certain application or social media that allows anyone interested to join in. Many of them use Facebook, Youtube, Zoom or all of them in the same time so that more people can access. The audience hears the speaker and sees the slides changing on the screen. Often times, the host wants statistics or answers from the audience, thus he/she enables a questionnaire to appear on our monitors so we can give responses in a minute of two. Whenever the speaker gives space for questions, the audience writes on the chat section. Of course, it is difficult to answer to hundreds of people, but the speaker discusses the most questionable issues.


Who joins webinars?

Webinars are used by almost every employed person and students. I consider webinars as one of the greatest achievements which apply perfectly to the 21st century skills needed in today’s employment. Nowadays, people are always threatened to lose their job, because one’s skills need to be updated all the time. This update happens through webinars. If a student or an employed needs to know how an IELTS test is organized, they can join in the corresponding webinar and be informed about it; or, based on my experience as a teacher I highly recommend other educators to enter the relevant webinars which give advice on how to conduct a class properly. Often times these webinars are held by native English speakers, and offer a certificate which is good for your CV.  Its value lays on the fact that everything is done online; you learn a lot without going out of your house.

Most webinars are conducted on real-time, and sometimes this can be a disadvantage because many people might have a poor network connection and might lose some of the information. Nevertheless what the majority of hosts do, they record the webinar and share later either on their web page or on your emails.


My experience with webinars

Webinars have become the most popular means of learning all around the world. I have a great experience learning through webinars. You cannot be a teacher and miss classes in order to participate in seminars and conferences. Webinars have come as an awesome solution for my profession.  I update my qualifications, and I can apply them in the classroom immediately. There are no costs, I do not have to ask for free days at work or substitution, neither do I mind how I am going to leave my house work. On the other side, learning new teaching skills is not only necessary, but it’s a must if you aim great results with your students. Based on my experience as a teacher I highly recommend other educators to enter the relevant webinars which give advice on how to conduct a class properly.


I hope this article motivates you to engage yourself in updating your skills and become a role model in any profession you do.

Until next time,
All the best