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YouTube fever in BiH

There are currently more than 30 YouTube users in our country who have over 100,000 followers on their official YouTube channels and over a hundred of those who have tens of thousands. This figure is an excellent indicator of the development of YouTube scenes in our country.

I am currently one of the most famous YouTubers in our country. At my official Banchy YouTube channel currently, I have more than 35,000 subscribers and 10 million views.

I began to work on this few years ago, and today this means much more than before since many people on YouTube are recording, then much more is invested in production and the integration of certain elements. This is currently an additional source of revenue besides the E-Learning Developer’s work in SmartLab. For me, YouTube is just a hobby that I do once per week.


My channel is based on the production of gaming videos through which I implement a lot of humor, and some of my videos have reached over millions of views.

Inspirations can never go away with the fact that the gaming industry is highly developed in the world and new games are coming out every year.

Although many people think it’s very simple, it takes between 5 and 8 hours per video to prepare, record, edit, and upload the video clip on YouTube.

Of course, the quality of videos could be talked about, some people, in my opinion, have really good videos, while some should never publish them. But they are becoming popular, all of which depend on the crowd that follows them.

Among the followers, 70% are children from 9 to 13, and 28% up to the age of 18. When it comes to more serious content, then the age limit is from 25 to 35 years old, depending on whether is it a tutorial or something else.


Can you make money on youtube?

When you take 1,000 views on a video, it brings a dollar and a half, then you can earn $ 1,500 per million. Of course, the big role is from where these views are coming from America, Canada, Australia or from countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina where youtube marketing is not yet developed.


Good and bad sides of youtube.

Through my “career” on youtube, I’ve learned many useful things that I can apply today in my business environment. The most important thing is that I have independently explored and learned everything that interests me and what I need to know to make a video on youtube. What many do not realize is that youtube is a great eLearning platform where you can learn a lot of useful things.

One of the great options on youtube is that you can start a live stream. This live stream can be based on you playing games and communicating with the audience about certain topics or on the other hand to hold online class related to a program, respond to questions and assist your audience. These streaming events are now called webinars, which are becoming a popular way of learning.

Of course, everything has its own good and bad sides, and same goes for youtube. The most common problems that we encounter and have the biggest impact on the youngest viewers are cursing, nationalism, racism, online violence and many other things that can leave a big “early” to the youngest viewers.



Author: Ibrahim Z.

eLearning & Web Developer @SmartLab.ba - Sarajevo