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We design and develop


We are here to turn your ideas into a high quality learning experience.

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What We Do?

In our everyday work, everything is related to "pure creativity, Articulate design and development, Moodle LMS, custom eLearning solutions and much more". We are ready to take on any challenge! Using our highly collaborative design approach, we'll build your custom solution from the ground up.

online courses

Online courses

We design and develop eLearning content from scratch and implement your ideas into highly qualitative engaging courses.

video and animation

Educational video animation

Entertain and educate your trainees with our attention-grabbing and engaging animated videos.


Development and programming

Back and front-end development of custom functions and interactivity options making your courses compelling and user-friendly.


Moodle LMS Implementation

We use Moodle as a leading open source management system with customisable features and endless adaption possibilities.

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About Us

We are a team of creative professionals and designers who are dedicated to graphics, websites and educational solutions.We have the will, skills and commitment to help our customers to stand out from the crowd of other organisations and companies.Creation of online and offline content is our specialty. Regardless of which type and size of projects we do, they are extremely important to us and we do our best that the results of our work contribute to your success.


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Our Team

Irfan K photo

Irfan K.

eLearning Designer

Ibrahim Z photo

Ibrahim Z.

eLearning /wordpress Developer

Haris M photo

Haris M.

eLearning/JS Developer

Rizah K photo

Rizah K.

Founder & CEO

Amer M photo

Amer M.

eLearning/multimedia Designer

Irfan S photo

Irfan S.

eLearning Designer

Aida R photo

Aida R.

eLearning/instructional Designer

Emir M photo

Emir M.

Front-End/moodle developer

Florin B photo

Florin B.

Front-End Developer

Mirza O photo

Mirza O.

Full Stack/DevOps

Emina K photo

Emina K.

PR/Administration Manager

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Feel Free to Join Us


“SmartLab team created a fantastic web-based quiz for Afrika Presents with a downloadable badge. Incredible attention to details. Better than anticipated and they had a true understanding and delivered just what we were looking for. We look forward to working together again in the future.”

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Mara Menzies

Afrika Presents Ltd

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‘Out of the box’ learning

February 14, 2018- Rizah K.

Whenever one thinks of certain processes that develop around us, it is easy to conclude that those processes have a massive impact in our everyday life. The change is seen best when comparing between the childhood of those who were born in the middle or at the end of the 80s and the childhood of nowadays children. Often times we hear how those changes are negative and very harmful for individuals and the society in general. Nevertheless, I would like to focus on certain features and altogether to distinguish what has changed and what hasn’t. This way we will find out how does our everyday life really look like.


Road to ACE

February 14, 2018- Irfan S.

From the very beginning one asks himself: What is Adobe and how did it come up with a certificate? – The Adobe Company was created in 1982 and has massively changed the digital world. Today, it possesses numerous applications in its collection, where the most known are: Adobe Photoshop which treats the photography, Adobe Illustrator which is closely connected with the printing preparations and vector graphics, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects etc.


E-learning In Everyday Life

March 6, 2018- Medina K.

E-learning is becoming the most used mean of education. It has already been applied in many schools, mainly in higher institutions. Thus, according to many researchers, it is not merely easy, but it has become advantageous in regarding to traditional reading. This conclusion comes from comparing its advantages and disadvantages, which results with greater benefits than drawbacks. In this article I will elaborate the effect of e-learning in our daily routines.


Augmented reality

September 28, 2018 - Haris M.

Remember Pokémon GO? That game that made people walk using their mobile phones? Ever taught what is the technology behind that concept? Technology used in making entire world go chasing Pokémon around forests and through the city is called Augmented Reality. Concept of Augmented Reality is fairly simple. Electrical devices with microprocessors, camera and display use real-world environment to superimpose 2D and 3D models into it through display. That is how Pokémon Go game worked. Using level field as starting point, Augmented Reality technology imposed Pokémon characters and Poke balls and other elements of the game via camera and display. Augmented Reality (in further text AR) has been explored for many applications. Since 1970s and 1980s, there has been development of technologies meant for everyday use, i.e. „horizontal“ across all applications rather than a specific „vertical“ market.

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If our web site hasn’t answered all your questions, feel free to contact us with any specific question, project proposal or just an introductory meeting request.